Drupal Project Application Review

Getting a your first project approved for release on Drupal.org can be a bit confusing and in recent years has taken a very long time to complete. A few months back I was able to get a project approved by doing everything I could to get the project in front of the reviewers who could accept it.

Here's where I give back. If you're willing to do the upfront work and diligently prepare your project and application, I'll help get you over the hump of getting your project approved. I don't have access to approve your project or any inside connections, but if you go about it the smart way I'll try to pitch in and get you through the application process.

Please note, I am offering to help on a volunteer basis. I'll devote time as available and priority goes to projects with the greatest potential for widespread community benefit.

Here's how the process works and what you need to do:

  1. Create an interesting and useful project and get it committed into a sandbox on Drupal.org.
  2. Run the project repository through http://pareview.sh/ and check the Coder report. These don't need to be perfect but the recommendations should be followed for the most part.
  3. Submit an application in the Drupal.org Project applications issue queue. Be sure to provide easy instructions to install your project and see what it does.
  4. Have a colleague, peer, friend, etc do an initial review of the project and post useful feedback into your application. Reviewers always find something, so get those things tightened-up.
  5. Once you think it's ready, contact me via this form and I'll review the project. It might take a couple rounds of back and forth but once it's all set, I'll set it to RTBC.
  6. Look through reviews of other projects in the queue, do reviews for review bonus and add the tag to your application. This will get you to the front of the line for the final review.
  7. The folks authorized to do a final review are volunteers so it may take some time, but it usually gets reviewed within a few days. If it's cleared, you'll then be granted permission to promote the sandbox to a real live project on Drupal.org.
Please provide the URL to the issue you've created in the drupal.org project applications issue queue.