Hello and welcome to Kerasai.com. My name is Will Long and I'm a Drupal developer. I specialize in PHP development and writing custom modules to extend Drupal's functionality. I'm also heavily involved with other various aspects of operating websites such as server configuration, managing version control, and performing deployments.

Please start below with a few of my favorite posts or head on over to the Blog to find more articles. There's a little bit of something for everyone, I hope you find something that interests you. Enjoy!

Featured Posts

  • Configuration management is hard, but we do the best we can. Features is great for sharing chunks of functionality between sites but can become a bear when trying to wrangle it into a full-fledged configuration management solution. However, a thoughtfully-crafted Features architecture can alleviate much of the difficulty.

  • Everybody has heard of cron, but what exactly happens during a cron run? Let's take a look at Drupal core and some common contrib modules to see the type of tasks are handled during cron.